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Keeping up with The Cantelmo's: Welcome to the Cantelmo Family Blog!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to the Cantelmo Family Blog!

This is my first blog and I hope this is a way to keep my extended family and friends updated on my daily life.  I also desire to connect with other mom's, women and whoever else happens to stumble on my blog. 
So you may be wondering why the cheesy name, "Keeping up with the Cantelmo's." First off, my guilty pleasure is watching Keeping up with the Kardashian's on TV. Normally I hate those types of shows.....but some how I got hooked. I am a bit embarrassed to admit, the name is a play off of one of my guilty pleasures. The other reason for the name is our life is so busy, I can barely keep up! 
So here is a run down on our life this past year: I had Olivia in January 2010, got married to Anthony and started a new job (working four ten hour days in community mental health) in May of 2010. I found out I was pregnant in July and Grace started Kindergarten in August! There has been many ups and downs....but that is just a quick run down of how hectic my life has been! 
Besides relying on God to get me through each day, sometimes I indulge in some guilty watching silly TV shows and eating ice cream. 
What are some ways that you get through busy stressful days? Thanks for checking out my blog!
Much love,

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At March 2, 2011 at 2:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it babe! It looks great! I get through my busy days by thinking of coming home to you girls! :)


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