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Keeping up with The Cantelmo's: July 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Words for the weary....

Me with the kids the morning Luke was born. I am still getting used to the balancing act of three kiddos!
Lately I have been SO exhausted! Having three kids is a lot of work. I see moms with four kids or more and seem to just have it all under control. The grass is always greener on the other side right? I was  thinking about how my kids are at different stages right now and it can be challenging. Grace is about to go into the first grade (THIS THURSDAY) and she needs a lot of emotional energy, attention and support. Olivia is at the busy toddler stage. She is happy, on the go and into everything. I have to ask God for patience with all my kids but right now I especially need it with Olivia. She loves to walk everywhere (which is great) but so many times she wants to RUN and before you know it she is gone. I am trying to teach her that mommy wants to keep her safe and she just says, "no!" Luke requires a lot of physical energy around the clock. I want to pray for him when I nurse him or feed him, but often I am either falling asleep, trying to keep Olivia occupied or trying to help Grace with something. I feel pulled in so many different directions! Tonight God reminded me that I just need to TRUST Him and commit my ways to Him and he will give me my heart's desires! 
Psalm 37:3-5
Trust in the Lord and do good. Then you will live safely in the land and prosper.  Take delight in the Lord and he will give you your heart’s desires.  Commit everything you do to the Lord.  Trust him, and He will help you.

I love that when I feel so weary of doing good (or being a mom) God encourages me to keep going and He will help me every step of the way. Thank you God!
I pray that you would be encouraged to continue to trust God even through challenging times. 

If you have any parenting advice that you would like to pass along, I sure would appreciate it!



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Friday, July 22, 2011

It's an Adorable Life: What will they remember??

It's an Adorable Life: What will they remember??: "When they are all grown up (and yes, one day they will be), what do you think your kids will remember?? Will they remember....... the ..."

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The rest of the story.....Luke's birth

Me and the girls a few weeks before the big day!
When I was pregnant with Grace about 2 months before I had her, I started to experience the most extreme arm pain. Isn't that strange? And I'm talking...crying out in the middle of the night unable to sleep pain. I literally thought the pain was worst the labor! Mind you, I hadn't had a baby yet. But I knew that this pain was more painful! I just knew it!! My mom and dad were sick and tired of me complaining about my painful arms that they took me to my doctor. I explained to the doctor that I was experience sharp shooting pains up and down my arms. My doctor explained to me that this occurs to a few people while they are pregnant and the pain was called carpal tunnel. My thoughts were, "Carpal what? Am I going to survive this? I will never have another kid again!" So eventually the pain went away....actually when Grace dropped (which was two weeks before she was born). Jump 4 and a half years later....I'm pregnant with Olivia. I was chatting with my mom on the phone....I had reached my third trimester and guess carpal tunnel! Woohooo! Who wait, I spoke too soon, the next night I woke up with the excruciating pain! The last month I was pregnant with Olivia I had carpal tunnel. This time someone is seriously going to have to pay me one million dollars to get pregnant again because this pain is way more painful than labor.  You have got to believe me this time and I know it....the carpal tunnel I experienced was painful! 
Its true...when Olivia was 6 months old I found out I was pregnant with Luke and no one paid me a million dollars :(
 Here I am 30 something weeks pregnant and I am up all night with the worst pain ever. I went to the chiropractor, the doctor, I saw a pain specialist, I wore this numbing cream, took pain meds, wore this strange patch thingy, got a massage, wore wrist braces and got this painful shot of cortizone (or whatever its called). I really thought I was going to DIE! I don't know why this time the pain was even more painful! 
I was completely torn: I wanted to have Luke to get the pain to go away but I wasn't ready for three kiddos! I am going to do my best to remember exactly how this week went but now that I have momma brain I can't promise you that all the details are exactly correct:

The Monday before my little man is born I head to work and that afternoon I had a scheduled cortizone injection. Driving home from the injection I am SO excited, my arm is healed! I can actually drive without feeling pins and needles poking into my arms. Then four hours later the pain is so severe I could barely breath. The next morning I am crying to Anthony (my husband) that I had no sleep and the pain was so severe I don't know what to do. Anthony asked me if Luke had been moving around. I told him that I wasn't sure because I was so focused on my arm pain. Anthony told me I needed to call Dr. Stephens.
Now it's Tuesday....I called Dr. Stephens and she asked me to come in. I called into work and let them know I would be out sick today. Anthony and I headed over to Dr. Stephens. She listened to Luke's heartbeat and checked my cervix. I was at 2cm and Luke seemed to be doing well. Dr. Stephens scheduled an ultrasound for me later that day. We had an ultrasound completed and the ultrasound tech let us know that everything looked good, except that Luke had the cord wrapped around his neck. 
Wednesday I went into work and worked hard all that day. I had my last visit with a client which lasted about an hour and after I left that client's home I realized that I missed a call from my doctor's office. Dr. Stephens had called asking me to call her back right away. My heart stopped, I suddenly became worried that something was wrong....Dr. Stephens never calls. When I called Dr. Stephens back she told me she had reviewed the ultrasound and was concerned about decrease of fetal movement and wanted me to head to the hospital right away for a biophysical ultrasound. I headed over to the hospital and Anthony met me there. My cervix was now at a 2.5 and I was having regular contractions (I couldn't feel them). The ultrasound tech at the hospital was hilarious and encouraged us that everything looked great. Anthony and I were laughing like crazy and we both felt at peace that Luke was okay. 
Thursday morning I had a doctors appointment with Dr. Stephens and since I was 38 weeks, she decided to strip my membranes. At this point my cervix was now soft and I was at a 3. I started getting contractions but they weren't consistent. I would get strong contractions for an hour to two hours and then they would go away. I got a pedicure and walked around the mall with my friend Christine. Anthony took me to lunch and then we picked the girls up for school/daycare. If you don't like to read gross stuff...please skip this part: So after the girls were in bed I went to the bathroom and gushes of blood came out of me. Anthony started freaking out! So I called my dad (who is a doctor), my sister (who is almost a nurse), my sister in law (who is a nurse) and I am sure I called my mom too (who is a nurse practitioner). Everyone said I should head over to the hospital. I also called the OB triage to see what they thought and of course, Dr. Stephens office. Everyone said to go to the hospital. So my sweet sweet father came in the middle of the night and stayed at my house to watch the girls. 
When I got to the hospital I was now a 4ish almost 5 
and having regular contractions
Now when I was in labor with Grace I went from a 3 to a 10 in 30 minutes and when I was in labor with Olivia I went from a 4 to a 10 in 30 minutes - so both Anthony and I are thinking that we were going to stay and have baby Luke anytime now. The nurse told me to walk around the hospital for a few hours. I was a little worried that Luke would fall out of me but after two hours of walking and no progress....we got sent home. 
Friday morning I took the kiddos to school/daycare and decided to enjoy the day to myself before I had 3 kids full time! I went on a walk.....Anthony and I had lunch at his favorite place Red Robbin.  Oh and I got all the lovely comments, "You must be due any day." "You're huge." "Are you sure you're not having twins?" 
After lunch I went to get my hair cut, that was SO nice! I hadn't had my hair cut in so long and my hair dresser is just so sweet. In the middle of getting my hair cut I started to feel some contractions but then they went away. I felt pretty good after I got my hair done and I was on my way to pick up Grace from school to take her to her last swim lesson when I received a phone call from one of the RN's at the hospital. She called to tell me that she spoke with Dr. Stephens and they have decided to schedule an induction for the following Wednesday. The nurse told me that she didn't think I would make it until next Wednesday and I remember telling her that I don't think I will have the baby this weekend because we had a lot of plans. Ha! I was SO wrong!  
It was 4:30pm and Grace's swim lesson had just ended. I went to stand up and immediately I bent over in pain, I got the most painful contraction. And from there my contractions started to come. Anthony, the kids and I headed over to Costco to get some things we needed. We ate dinner and I was just not feeling right. I told Anthony that I needed to go home. My contractions started to get more intense. I don't remember what time it was at this point but Anthony's dad Gregg came over to care for the girls while we waited for my dad to come care for them. Anthony took me to the hospital and the nurse let me know I was at 6cm and that they were admitting me! Woopie! Anthony and I gave each other a big high five! This was it! We were having Luke!!
Who said that your third labor is the shortest labor? This labor was my longest! The girls were half the time of Luke's labor. I don't want to have a fourth kid because their labor will probably be super long (famous last words, right?). 
 Soon I got my epidural because that is how I role (I don't like pain). Carlee came to take pictures of the birth. My mother in law Kim, father in law Gregg, sister in law Sarah and brother in law came down for the birthday party. Now I told the nurse that I felt a lot of pressure but she assured me that I was at an 9 and was not ready to push. I must of been at a 9 forever and I continued to just feel like I had to push. I was really uncomfortable and I knew it was time for me push but the nurse kept saying I wasn't ready. Thankfully my sister in law Sarah pushed for the doctor to come in and check me. When the doctor came to check me, he said that it wasn't my cervix that the nurse was was my water bag! (The doctor was a little frustrated with the nurse) Yay! 
It was time to welcome Luke into the world. 
A few pushes and he came out! What a blessing he was and is! There you have it: my crazy birth story. 
And I am SO glad my little man is here!!!
Here I am holding Luke, feeling blessed to hold my man!

Momma's boy

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Baby Luke

I am sitting on the couch with my little man Luke. We are relaxing after an incredibly hectic day...seems like the norm lately. Since Olivia is napping and Anthony and Grace are out. I decided I better blog about Luke's birth now before I just never get around to it.
 <---- Here is a picture of my amazing OB Dr. Stephens and Olivia - just after Olivia was born. You may be asking yourself...."Wait a second.....isn't this supposed to be about Luke." Well yah it is supposed to be about Luke but I had to include Dr. Stephens because she is my amazing OB. Unfortunately, she didn't quite make it to Luke's birth. Dr. Stephens was in the mountains that evening, so Dr. Osanna delivered Luke. He did a great job too! But I have to give Dr. Stephens some credit because she took GREAT care of me while I was pregnant with Luke. 
Here is me at my sister in law Sarah's wedding. This was 5 or 6 weeks before Luke was born.....yes and people had the nerve to ask me if I was having twins or if my due date was wrong. This happens to me every time I am pregnant. Can you relate?

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