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Keeping up with The Cantelmo's: October 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011


Our Weekend

We had a BUSY weekend.
And with two fussy little ones, it wasn’t easy.
But we survived and now it’s over! Yay!

Be prepared for a lot of pictures!

First we had the Harvest Festival at church:

We met up with Emrie and Ashley 

We saw our friends Tenley and Leah

Olivia loved being with Grandma Kim

My girls loved riding the horses

Emrie looked so stinking cute that I had to take her picture

Emrie is always so intrigued by Olivia

Halloween at the Eiler's 

Halloween is like Christmas at my mom's house

they have lots of decorations

 this year more than 100 kids came to their house

Papa James is all dressed up

ready to go trick or treating (I forgot Olivia's Minnie ears)

Grace is a cat that is a ballerina "Caterina" 

spent time with family

The scary house

We ran into friends

met a cute dog

and Luke found the baby in the mirror

Hey baby, you look like Buzz Lightyear 

do you want to play?

I think I'll give you a kiss

Mom, he didn't kiss back

What's up with that?

Does he not want to play with me?

That baby is awfully handsome 

Ok, time to go play with something else

Happy Halloween from my family to yours!

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Blue Eyed Owl

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Life made lovely

Life made lovely Monday.

Yesterday, my husband and I were having lunch.
For some reason I went into the “what if” mode.

What if you don’t find a job?
What if we can’t pay our bills?
What if we can’t survive?
What if we lose our house?

Every once and awhile I start to become afraid
and I lose trust in God.
Then God reminds me, that it’s going to be ok.
He tells me, “Trust Me, Melanie. I am taking care of you.”

Then I need remember just how blessed I am.

God is taking care of our family. 
Instead of worrying, I just need to be with them, love them and model for them my trust in the Lord.

Thank you God that you are holding us all in Your hands.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A guest post

Hi my blog friends and family.

I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Valerie.
I have known Valerie for over 2 years now.
She interviewed and hired me while I was pregnant with Olivia. She was an amazing boss and I have learned so much from her.
Not only is she an amazing person to work with,
she is also an amazing friend.
I’m excited for you to get to know Valerie and
to check out her two blogs that she writes.
Today she is guest posting on parenting.
Check it out and don’t forget to pop on over to her blog and give her some love!

Hi. I’m Valerie, a single mom of 2 teenage boys, a children’s therapist, and a master at stretching a dollar. I have written a single parenting book that is in the hands of publisher now and should be released soon. I love writing. I have 2 blogs, one for parents, one for teens. I usually end up writing about things I’ve seen through my work (no identifying information given!) and how we can use those experiences to be amazing, awe-inspiring parents ourselves. If you like my post, please visit one of my blogs. Thanks, Melanie, for inviting me to post on your blog today!

Cheer tryouts

I know a girl being raised by her grandmother. She gets into trouble a lot.

Of course we all, as parents, have rules for our kids, and, in their quest for independence, our kids are going to break some of those rules. These are the usual reasons:

1.       They’re angry and don’t care about no dang rules
2.       They don’t know about the rule, because it’s never been made clear
3.       They’re stuck between doing good and doing right
My teenage friend, Rosie, finds herself struggling with reasons #2 and #3 and getting into trouble quite often.

Here is an example of Reason #3: Rosie’s friend was kicked out of her house late one night and didn’t have a place to go. Rosie felt bad for her friend and invited her to spend the night without talking to grandma. When grandma found out, Rosie was in trouble because she didn’t get permission. Grandma felt like Rosie was completely disregarding the rules and disrespecting grandma (Reason #1) although Rosie was focused on helping a friend in need (Reason #3.)

An example of Reason #2: An adolescent boy who masturbates in his bedroom gets in trouble. His parents have religious beliefs that forbid masturbation all together. He is in trouble although his parents have never spoken to him about sex and their beliefs (Reason #2.) His parents feel he is intentionally and willfully disregarding their spiritual beliefs (Reason #1.)

Do you see a pattern here? The parents get angry because they assume Reason #1 while the kids may be struggling with Reason #2 or #3.

This is why we need to be our kids’ cheerleaders. No, no, no…I’m not suggesting we cheer when they break the rules. I’m suggesting we assume the best of them; we allow ourselves to believe they may have broken a rule due to Reason #2 or #3 and not necessarily Reason #1. When we do that, we are not so quick to become angry. We are able to calmly gather more information and deal with the situation.

After gathering more info, we can deal with the broken rule in the most appropriate way. If it’s Reason #1 or #3, a consequence may be in order, but we can hand it out calmly. If it turns out to be Reason #2, we have the opportunity to make the rule clear. Then, next time it happens, a consequence would be appropriate.

Imagine a full-time job where your boss and co-workers assume you are a screw up all the time. It would beat you down emotionally. It’s the same for our kids when we assume Reason #1 most of the time.

When we assume the best of our kids and take the time to gather more information when things go awry, we are building their self-esteem AND strengthening a relationship with them.

And with relationship comes influence…

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Say I do

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Keep calm and say I do

I was the lucky winner of the $50 gift card to 
Barn Owl Primitives.
Have you seen her signs? 
I love them. 
I enter every giveaway so I can get a chance to win one. 
So I finally won and I am SO excited!

I have had my eye on  Keep Calm and Say I Do 
for quite some time now.
I want to put it in my room as a daily reminder 
to me to say “I do” everyday.
Everyone says being married is a lot of work 
and I couldn’t agree more.
I believe everyday we need to make a choice
 to love our spouse.
It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it!

Today I am choosing to say I do:

When it isn’t easy
When the kids are whiny
When everyone is sick
When the house is the mess
When I didn’t get much sleep
When you didn’t get much sleep
When you have to work a whole lot
When you need a cheerleader not a nag
When the day doesn’t go the way I thought it would
When you do run errands you don’t want to run for me
When you need extra love because you had a hard day
When I need to tell you that you are a wonderful husband and a great dad
When we don’t have any money and we are worried about the future
When I need to extend to you the grace that you extend to me
When I believe in you more than you believe in yourself
When I need to be covering you in prayer all day long
When you need me to give you my whole heart
When you need extra hugs and cuddles

I am sure there are many more ways 
I need to say “I do” today.
I just want you to know, Anthony, 
that I love you with my whole heart.
Words can’t express how thankful I am for you and
what an amazing dad you are.
You are an amazing man.
I am glad God blessed me with you!

How do you say “I do” everyday?

Miscellany Monday @
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The Imperfect Housewife

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