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Friday, October 21, 2011

Anthony is home!

*A little bit of a boring post for my family and memories*

Anthony returned safely from the Dominican Republic late last night, he was gone a total of five days! The kids and I are so glad to have him home. Whenever he travels, the kids do decently well during the day but rarely sleep well at night. So I am one tired momma! 
By Thursday, you could tell that the kids just needed dad home. At one point all kids were crying at the same time! Grace was itchy, Olivia wanted Momma, Luke wanted to eat, and I wanted to check out! Thankfully we all survived.

This is Anthony’s second trip to the Dominican Republic. Anthony tells about his trip here. I am so proud of how hard Anthony works and how he is constantly trying to find ways to provide for our family, even when he does not have a steady job at this time. It is such a blessing to have a husband that is such a hard worker. The downside is that I am often home with the kids while he is picking up extra shifts at the cigar shop. I continue to remind myself that this is just a season.
The kids and I didn’t do too much while Anthony was gone, but I do like to stay somewhat busy to help the time fly. Sunday I was brave and took all the kids to church by myself. I knew that I would be blessed by going and that I just needed to do it. Thankfully, friends helped me carry the kids in and check them into class. And I was so thankful for a great message!

On Monday, Grace didn’t have school, so we invited a friend over to play. They played well together for a few hours and Olivia enjoyed being with the big kids! After my mother-in-law, Kim came over to watch the kids so I could get some stuff done on my own! It was so nice to have that short break.

On Tuesday I had my mom’s Bible study in the morning. We are currently reading Shepherding a Child’s heart. This book is changing my view on how I should parent and I am looking forward to continue in this study. Tuesday evening Grace has dance, which she loves so much! Taking the two little ones along is very challenging. Poor Olivia wants to dance with Grace so badly and gets so upset that she can’t. So lately I have been just dropping Grace off and running errands with Olivia and Luke.  
On Wednesday, Olivia had Gymboree in the morning and then we headed over to my mother in law, Kim’s house for lunch. Since Kim watches my niece, Emrie on Wednesdays, we all got to spend time together. I enjoy seeing Emrie and Luke together, since they were born exactly two weeks apart.  Wednesday evening we have our small group. The kids enjoy being with the other kids and I love being able to talk with other adults!! We had a good time, but got home rather late.

Thursday we met up with Ashley and Emrie at the park. Then I took the kids home for a morning nap, while I cleaned. For lunch we went back out and met Ashley at Chik-Fil-A. After lunch, we got Grace from school and continued cleaning before daddy came home.
Since Anthony took the camera on his trip, I wasn’t able to take any pictures this past week. I put some fun pictures up so you can see how big the kids are getting!

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At October 22, 2011 at 5:33 AM , Blogger Ashley Haupt said...

Totally understand the difficulty of taking kids to church by yourself--you were brave! As a pastor's wife, this is normal for me on a Sunday and I will soon find out what it is like with three (eek!). My daughter has dance, too, but I can't bring my son along either. ;)

At October 22, 2011 at 7:39 AM , Blogger Connie@raise your eyes said...

Many years ago, I was a young mom-and new Christian- with a husband who was not a believer and so I did this for years.

I know that you'll get to be very good at rounding up those little ones and making it out the door (almost on time) on a Sunday morning!


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