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Keeping up with The Cantelmo's: Grace is six and a half!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grace is six and a half!

You are six and a half and in Mrs. Dixon's 1st grade class. You are learning so much this year. You really enjoy math and you are thrilled to tell me everyday that you passed your math test and moving onto the next level. I always thought you were shy, until you entered dance last year. You are now a social butterfly and have lots of friends. At dance you are always giggling and you are very serious in gymnastics. You and your friends at school run up to each other when I drop you off and it makes me feel good that you are in the right place. You love learning and get excited to read. You enjoy reading to Olivia and she always requests you to read "Go Dog Go."
It's fun to see you play mommy. I think playing mommy and teacher are your favorite activities to do at home because that is all you seem to do! You like to help Olivia with her baby dolls and pretend that you have lots of kids. You always tell me about each kid that you have along with their name and the date they were born. You are very detailed. Lately when you play school you get out your book of prayers and read it to your imaginary students. I overheard you telling your students what it means to have Jesus as their Shepherd. You were talking about Jesus with such passion, it truly excites me! I pray that you would continue that passion for the Lord throughout your entire life.
You are very curious and always have LOTS of questions. If we see someone on the side of the road, you want to know what happened, how they got there, when they got there and if they are going to be okay. If we talk about a famous person; you want to know their favorite color, what they like to do, how old they are, when their birthday is and if they have kids. If they do have kids, you want to know the kids names and ages. Sometimes I just don't have the answers and I always tell you to ask Daddy or Grandrew. Especially when it's the details about God. You want to know ALL the details and answers. Most of the time, I just don't know them....I wish I did. You want to know what Heaven looks like, what its like to go there and when we will go. You want to know how Jesus made the blind man see and why there are some good kings in the Bible and some bad. Grace, I have never thought so much until I had you. I believe your desire to know so much is a blessing!
You LOVE LOVE LOVE gymnastics! You cartwheel and handstand everywhere. And when you aren't practicing gymnastics, you are dancing. You make up dances and pretend you are a dance teacher. You tell me that you like gymnastics more than dance but you would really miss dance if you weren't in it.
Grace, you are a leader and like to tell everyone where they should go and what they should do. Mrs. Dixon told me how during lunchtime you chose some "lucky" friends that got to throw your trash away for you. (This was the only thing you have gotten "in trouble" for this year) I believe that your delegation skills can benefit you in the workforce one day (ha!). You are also type A. You remind ME in the morning if we are running late to school and how you told me to get out of bed earlier! I am so glad you have a type A personality because hopefully you will be able to stay on task a bit better than I do when you are older. You are also incredibly caring and the first to run to a friend when they are hurt. If Olivia or Luke are crying, you always want to give them a hug. You love helping me change diapers, give baths and pick out your siblings outfits. You love helping with dinner, setting the table and reminding Olivia to eat her food. You are like a little mommy. When I was sick, you worried for me and you loved checking on me making sure I was okay. I always have to remind you that God takes care of mommy and it's your job to have fun and be a kid.
Gracie Loo: I pray that you would grow up to trust in the Lord and that you would have great peace in God's plan for your life. I pray that you would find your purpose and meaning in the Lord. I pray that you would be passionate about God, as you are now.
I love you sweet girl,

PS - You love Justin Beiber

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