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Keeping up with The Cantelmo's: Luke is 6 months old!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Luke is 6 months old!

My little Luke,
This is you when you were only 3 weeks old! You were so tiny! You are growing up so quickly, time has gone by fast. I told myself that since you were my last baby, I would cherish each and every moment with you. I try to...but life gets crazy, I blink and my day is over!
You are such a joy to have around. I was nervous to have a boy. I am REALLY into bows, pink and anything girly. God gave me YOU to show me that I had room to love a sweet, easy going, boy like you! I thank God for you each and everyday. You are such a blessing and God has amazing plans for your life!
Here you are at 6 months old! I can not believe you are already 6 months. I feel like it was just yesterday I had you and I can't imagine my life without you. You love to roll all over everywhere. You try to crawl and end up scooting everywhere. You don't seemed to be bothered by our dogs or your sisters. Grace and Olivia crack you up and you laugh with all your stomach! You aren't quite sitting up confidently yet, but you are pretty close. You spit up quite a bit and because you had trouble keeping weight on, you are on a special formula and medication. It's nice that you are a happy spitter, it really doesn't seem to phase you. You tag along with "the girls", Gymboree, gymnastics, target, the grocery store, and of course lots of window shopping. I have a feeling you are going to make a great husband one day!

You just started eating baby food. The first couple of times you were not having it and you cried the entire time. Since I didn't want to traumatize you I took you out and gave you lots of hugs. Today, for the first time you actually had an enjoyable eating experience. Maybe it was because I put you in the BLUE Bumbo seat rather than Olivia's pink high chair. I am hoping eating becomes a positive experience for you and you will get to try lots of yummy fruits and veggies.
I have a lot of prayers for you sweet boy. But my main prayer is that you would love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind. That you would desire to live for Him and get your satisfaction from Him. My prayer for me is that God would give me the tools to raise you in a way that would glorify God. 

I love you my sweet boy,

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