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Keeping up with The Cantelmo's: Olivia is 21 months old!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Olivia is 21 months old!

 Olivia Kate,
How are you growing up so quickly? It seems like yesterday I was pregnant with you and you were dancing in my tummy! Now you are dancing here everyday and all day. You have such a sweet spirit and you have TONS of energy. Even though you look a lot like daddy, I see myself in you. You are always on the go and I love that about you.   You also care so much for your sister and brother. When we drop Grace off at school you always say, "Bye Geese, backpack!" And then you frown for a few minutes because you miss her. I remind you that we will see her soon and you adjust well to our next activity. You talk to Luke all day long. You tell him about the dogs, horses "Nay" and cows "moo." You also tell him about your favorite book, "Go Dog Go." Sometimes out of the blue you will just say, "Go Dog Go." If Luke is napping you will say, "Guke go?" It's stinking cute! When we bring daddy dinner at work, you always want to stay there with him. You say, "I go daddy peez! I go!" It breaks my heart to say no and I know that daddy misses you while he is at work. You LOVE bath time and get so excited to take a bath that you try jumping in with your clothes on! There has been an actually time that you jumped into the bath tub fully dressed. You were pretty bummed that I made you come out to take your clothes off.
You are going through a stage where everything is, "mine" and "no." You love using your voice whether it is singing, shouting or just saying something silly. You know most of the motions to Wheels on the Bus and I am pretty sure it is your favorite song right now. Today I told you that Wheels on the Bus went "Night Night" because I sang it one to many times within an hour.
You started taking Gymboree and you're having a blast. You are very good at listening to the teacher and you get SO excited when we arrive there. You also love copying your big sister when she is practicing her gymnastics. You always say, "watch mom!" and try to do a forward roll. You want to be in dance so bad but you're not old enough yet. You get so sad when Grace goes into dance class because you don't get to go, but you watch her through the window almost the entire time and I often catch you dancing in your own little way. You are also really into backpacks, purses, necklaces, and sun glasses. You love putting everything on and walking around. Then with your hands already full you pick up your baby doll and bounce her to sleep saying, "SHHHHHHH." Sometimes I will turn around and wonder where you have gone to. I find you upstairs in my room putting your baby to bed in Luke's pack and play! You have such a motherly spirit.
Littles, I love you so much. I pray that you would truly know the Lord and desire to serve Him all the days of your life. I pray that you would have a strong hope and that you would put your trust in the Lord. And that you would continue to desire to pray all the time like you do now. Oh how my heart rejoices when you say, "Mom pray" and fold your hands.
Love, Momma

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