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Keeping up with The Cantelmo's: Visiting Superstition Springs Farm

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Visiting Superstition Springs Farm

Superstition Farm

I received an email saying that going to the farm was FREE today. So I loaded up the kids, called my sister-in-law, Ashley and we all headed to the farm.
I guess everyone got that email because it was packed. And VERY hot! 
"Hi Moo!"

The girls looking at the cow together.

I waited in line to buy a package so my kids could feed the baby cows, the chickens, try ice cream and ride the horse.
The kids were excited to ride the horses,
so we headed there first.
The line was long but the girls finally got to ride a horse.
It was Olivia’s first time riding a horse and she LOVED it!
She kept saying, “Nay hug!”

After that we ate a super duper expensive hot dog
and the kids got chocolate milk and ice cream.
Grace, Ashley, Emrie waiting for their food

By the time we were done with lunch, the animals were full and the farmers told us that we couldn’t feed the baby cows. Grace was so bummed!
Thankfully, superstition springs farm gave us a refund!
The best part about Superstition Farm (besides the horses) is their ice cream. They have their own ice cream shop called Udder Delights over at ValVista and Warner. You may want to check it out!
*Poor Luke never gets his photo taken because he is always in the front pack with me and I am always taking pictures*
Here is Luke when we got home

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