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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

to choose to love

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

I just finished watching the 20/20 with
Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly.
I have been keeping close watch on how Gabrielle Giffords has been doing since the Tucson shooting this past January. The shooting hit close to home. No I didn’t know anyone at the shooting. I live in Arizona and was heartbroken by the tragedy.
It is so amazing to see how Mark stuck by Gaby’s side and how he encouraged her to reach her goals every week.
He loved her and cheered her on.
I believe they have an amazing love story.

In one moment our lives can change.
When I said, “I do” I hoped that we would be richer, not poorer and healthy, not sick.
I choose to love Anthony along with the times we are poor and the times we are sick. 
I believe that love is a choice.
I believe that we have to choose to love.
It’s not easy.
It’s even harder in the challenging times.

I wish I could be patient, kind, not envious, not boastful or proud. I wish I did not dishonor others, or was not self-seeking. I wish I wasn’t easily angered, and that I didn’t keep any record of wrong. And of course the list goes on. My sinful self is the opposite of what love is. I need Jesus to help me in this area. I need to pray a whole lot!
I need to choose Jesus to help me love my husband and love my family.

It’s not easy to love. It’s not easy to love when times are tough. It’s not easy to love when I am selfish.
Source: via Leslie on Pinterest
One day, I want my family to read 1 Corinthians and think of me. I want them to feel loved by me being patient, kind, not envious, not proud or self-seeking.

I want them to feel loved by me.

It is amazing to see how Mark Kelly’s loves his wife.
He loved her through the most difficult season in their life.

I want to be more like him.
And of course, more like Him.

“The courage you need when the life you lead is not the life you planned and you learn there has to be many definitions of a beautiful day.” – Diane Sawyer

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At November 16, 2011 at 6:30 AM , Blogger jessica said...

I love this post. So inspiring. Have you ever seen the movie Fireproof? It talks about how we can only give real true love if we have accepted God's love. It's a beautiful story!

At November 16, 2011 at 7:21 AM , Blogger ells said...

hi neighbor @ Ann's... great post...I saw that show as well...My husband loved me through a long illness...not many make it through those tough times.
I too want my family to think of how well I loved them most of all...
Blessings as we grow to love those around us well...

At November 16, 2011 at 9:15 AM , Blogger Becky Jane said...

Melanie, I saw your guest post over at Jens Arizona Russums blog, but didn't realize it was you until I clicked on your blog link. I also read your story on Beautiful Mommy Feet's blog. You are such an inspiration and if you don't mind me saying, an inspiring example that no matter how far we drift, HE still loves us and will provide ways for us to return to HIM! I love that you have shared your story and for the courage you have to choose the right! You are an example to me and I know so many others will benifit from your strong testimony! Happy Holidays!

BTW, I'm planning on using your guest post from Jens blog as the featured article on my Christian Mom's Blog Hop today...Hope you don't mind! (It will be up later this morning)!

At November 16, 2011 at 11:10 AM , Blogger Jenfier Harrod said...

This was so beautiful. I really loved the paper with the tear off loves.


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