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Keeping up with The Cantelmo's: An update on our family

Sunday, November 20, 2011

An update on our family

We have been going nonstop for the past week or so
I’m behind on updating my extended family on our little family because we have been on the go
I need to slow down!
So here is a quick update on how we all are doing!
Enjoy Grandpa! 

We have been spending lots of time together as a family.
Usually its chaotic but we are enjoying each other's company.

I took the girls to get their flue shots. 
While we were waiting,
Grace decided to play doctor.
Olivia, as usual, was the patient. 

After I got home from taking the girls to the doctor.
Our little Luke hit his head on the coffee table.
So we ended up in the emergency department later that evening.

Thanks to my amazing sister in law who works in the emergency department; I felt like we got the VIP treatment.
Well, I don't even think they realized we were related. 
But God totally blessed us with popping in and out!
The doctor was great and Luke did really well.

Grace entertained Luke and kept him happy.
She even took some gloves for practice being a doctor.
She wouldn't let me take a picture of her because she wanted to practice being a photographer!

When we got home, Luke was so excited to see daddy.
Anthony cuddled him and he fell asleep right away.
We felt nervous laying him down for some reason, 
so we snuggled with Luke for a little while.
It was nice since he doesn't get much one on one attention.

The next day we went to visit Grace's best friend Faithlyn. 
We had a great day and it was so nice for me to hang out with my best friend Brie.

Luke played with Landen. They had fun together.
Landen has such a sweet heart and he was so kind to little Luke.

Olivia and Addy played together. They had so much fun.
Olivia is 8 months younger than Addy and towers over her.
Addy is very petite like her mom!

While we were visiting, Brie taught me how to make a tutu dress.
Brie's super crafty and can make something with in minutes.

Brie threw this dress and hair bow together in less than 30 minutes.
She used to sell these amazing changing pads. 
I have had my changing pad since Grace was a baby and I still use it!
I keep trying to talk Brie into selling them again.

One night when Anthony was working I decided to take the kids to Golden Spoon. 

When we pulled up Olivia said, "YUM YUM!"
Can you tell the girls like it?

Luke kind of did too. 

Momma LOVES Golden Spoon!

So lately, while the kids have been playing, I have been crafting.
I made this bow for Olivia. It didn't turn out as cute as the ones my sister in law makes. So next time I'll make sure and just buy a bow from my sister in law!!

Here is a picture of a flower felt clip I made Olivia.
I also made one for Grace. 
I think we already lost them!!

Luke and Olivia have started playing together!

They love playing with the drum!

On Tuesday, Luke had to go to Phoenix Children's Hospital for an Endoscopy. Luke still has acid reflux and the doctor wanted to make sure there wasn't anything else. 

Luke did really well!
The good news is that he just has acid reflux.
It's very severe, so the doctor is ordering us new medication since the medication Luke is on is not helping. 

That same day, Luke had to have a follow up appointment at the doctor. Grace tagged along and of course wanted to play doctor!

She measured him, checked his belly, his heart, his ears, and asked him all sorts of questions. 

Thanks Dr. Grace for taking such good care of my kids!

On Wednesday I got the kids ready to see their Auntie Julia in a play!

This momma was super excited because I got my bow from Marigold Road in the mail. So I put it on just in time for the play. 
I didn't realize the play was Sleepy Hallow until we got there.
When I was in Jr. High we did silly plays, nothing like Sleepy Hallow.
I was nervous if it would scare the kids. I reminded Grace that it wasn't real. I think it creeped me out more than anyone!
Julia did a good job playing a boy. She was bummed she got the part of a boy, but I was proud of her for sticking it out.
She did a really good job!

Here is Julia with the girls after the play. 

Nonnie held Luke the entire time.
And guess who got to chase after Olivia during the play.
(Note to self: do not take a 22 month old to anything that requires sitting down for longer than 2 minutes)

This picture cracks me up. Julia can always make Olivia laugh. 

I'll have what we did the rest of the week later!
This was a pretty long update 
and I need my sleep!

Lots of love,

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At November 20, 2011 at 12:07 PM , Blogger Pink Dandy Chatter said...

what a beautiful family you have! I am now following you.
Thanks for stopping by and displaying the Pink Dandy Sunday Blog Hop Banner.
Have a great Thanksgiving week!


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