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Keeping up with The Cantelmo's: December 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011

My favorite posts from 2011

What are some of your favorite posts you wrote this year?



It wasn’t the best of years. But we made it.
God carried us through.

Olivia turned 1
Anthony had a man shower thrown by my sister

My sister in law Sarah married Justin

My sister in law Ashley made me an Aunt again
Emrie is born.

The day that Emrie was born brought more emotions than I could of ever experienced. In the middle of the night I got a call from my mother in law saying that Emrie was born and Ashley was code blue. Anthony and I raced to the hospital thinking Ashley was dead. Read Ashley’s story here.
Praising God that my sister is still here with us today.  

Luke was born!

Grace turns 6 years old.

Grace graduates from Kindergarten!

Anthony loses his job
My sister Audrey and her family move to Nome, Alaska.
I am so glad there is at least one adventurous person in our family. 
I don't like cold, I don't like places without dishwashers, I don't like eating reindeer or moose, I don't like days without sun and I don't like snow up to my ears. I don't know how my sister does it. 

Anthony goes to Las Vegas for his blog.
It's crazy all the free stuff guy bloggers get. 
Everyday my husband gets a package full of goodies. 
I must admit, I am a little jealous and proud of him for how hard he works.
I get very sick and end up in the hospital.
Be thankful that there is no picture for this one.
I will blog about this one day.

Grace starts 1st grade!

Anthony, Luke and I visit his grandparents in California.

We also pop by Dash. For me.

I turn 28, feeling so much older

Anthony goes to the Dominican Republic for his blog for the second time. Everything paid for. So proud of him.

 I start blogging while he was away.
(I started my blog in March but didn’t start blogging regularly until October).

Luke was in the hospital because he had croup for almost a week.

My sister comes to visit from Alaska and brings along my niece and nephew.

Luke’s first Christmas yay!

I decide to go back to work.

How did your year go?
Cheers to 2012
Lets hope it’s a good one
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Friday, December 30, 2011


I start work in a few days. I am going to miss my kids like crazy. But secretly I am looking forward to talking to grown ups, eating lunch sitting down and not listening to Justin Bieber when I’m driving around town.

When my husband isn’t around I like to crunch on chips, carrots and apples really loud. His pet peeve is crunching and sometimes I miss eating a good apple without hearing, “do you really have to crunch that?” he he he.

Dog food, baby food, and tuna gross me out. I mean really, they gross me out.

I’m really bad at writing thank you notes. It doesn’t mean I’m not thankful. It means that I am completely unorganized and scattered. I am known for writing thank you notes and having them ready to mail right away and then not mailing them out until months later. I feel bad about it. I wonder if there is hope for me.

I am currently obsessed with Forever 21. Is it because I want to be 21 again or the clothes are crazy cheap? I don’t know but I just love their clothes right now. Sigh.

We haven’t been to church in a long time. It’s so hard and I feel disconnected. My kids are sick and I just don’t want to be that parent who brings their kid in with a green runny nose.

Speaking of that parent. I am that parent who leaves their cart full of groceries because their little one is throwing a massive temper tantrum. Honey, this is why grocery shopping with three little ones never works for me.

Speaking of the grocery store. I always forget at least one necessary item on my list. 
It is usually milk.

I am a sucker for candy stores. I pretend that I am going there to give me kids a treat but it’s really for me. Yum! Candy. Love it.

The camera I use is my dad’s. I have been borrowing it for a long time. Maybe he’ll let me just borrow it forever. I would love that. Hint hint.

Today I crawled through Makutu’s Island with my girls. We had a lot of fun. I secretly wanted to be a kid again. I also had to tell a few kids to be careful to not hurt my baby (Olivia that is). Really, am I that mom???

I really want to go to Disneyland and see the look on Olivia’s face when she sees Mickey and Minnie Mouse there for the first time. I still cherish the moment when Grace met Belle for the first time and the look in her eyes. It was magical. 
I dread the drive there, three whiny kids for 8 hours? No thank you.

I can’t believe I am 28. It feels like yesterday I was 13 years old dreaming of marrying my crush and having kids. Where did the time go?

I got this idea from Kelly’s Korner Blog.

What are your confessions?
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A wedding on a budget

When Anthony and I got engaged.
We decided to get married shortly after.
Like 6 weeks later!!!
 I had a very small budget for our wedding.
The budget seemed scary.
But I never wanted to waste tons of money on a wedding.
It was only one day.
 Unfortunately my church was booked. So I picked a cute church that I found driving up Scottsdale Road called Black Mountain Community Church.
I fell in love with the church when I saw it had wood pews and how there was a beautiful view of the Black Mountains.
The pastor gave me an amazing deal. I was thrilled.

 Anthony only wanted two grooms men, so I only had two bridesmaids, a junior  bridesmaid and two flower girls.  Since I had a small bridal party, I saved on flowers and their bridal gifts. Also to save money,
I bought them the necklaces that they were to wear on the wedding day.

By the way, I got Olivia's dress at Gymboree for $30 and her bow at Nordstroms' for $10

As far as little details, like decorating. I was stressed.
I knew how I wanted it but I had no clue how to put it all together.
Thankfully, my mom has an amazingly talented friend Katie who took care of every detail.
I showed Katie pictures of how I wanted my wedding
to look and she took care of the rest.
She was a gift from God!
She also gave me some amazing marriage advice.
She blessed me more than she will ever know!!!
Love her.

Wedding pictures are crazy expensive.
I noticed that one of my friends always had beautiful pictures of her kids on facebook. Then I started seeing her post things on facebook about how she was assisting a photographer to make extra money. I took a chance and asked her to shoot my wedding. My wedding was her first wedding ever!
Carlee did such an amazing job. I’m so glad I trusted her.
She also took Luke’s birth pictures and his newborn pictures.
You can visit her website here.

As far as make up goes. I knew I couldn’t afford much.
So I contacted my friend Mariana who had just finished cosmetology school.
She did such a great job on my hair and make up.
I wish I could have her get me ready everyday!
Check out her website here.
Another expense at weddings is the food.
I never like catered wedding food so I decided to go with one of Anthony’s favorite restaurants Oregano’s.
I picked two of Anthony’s favorite pastas and his favorite salad.
Oregano’s also did appetizers for our guests to eat while we took pictures.
It worked out great and only cost $900!!

I also really wanted a candy bar. My friend Katie had a lot of the items to put the candy bar together, which saved us tons of money. Every time there was a sale, Katie loaded up on candy. The total cost of the candy bar was $75.

 There was a lady at church who makes cakes and offered to make our wedding cake. We paid her money for all the supplies and she didn’t charge us any extra. It was such a blessing. I told her the type of cake I liked and had her surprise me with the rest. It turned out lovely.
For music a friend from church played the piano while I walked down the isle.
It was so nice and such a blessing to us.
During the ceremony we played a song that both Anthony and I forgot. Ha!
As we were leaving the church we played
“Today was a fairytale” by Taylor Swift.

We couldn’t afford a DJ and the room where the reception was in was BEYOND small so dancing wasn’t an option (sad face). So Anthony and I made a mix of all of our favorite songs to play during dinner.

We had a lot of kids at our wedding. So I decided that it was necessary to have babysitters. We made a little room for the kids and put on the door “Grace and Olivia’s reception.” I can’t remember how much our sitters charged but I know the price was well worth it since they helped us SO much and the kids had a blast!!
 Oh and I almost forgot! Our invitations. One of my friends gets wholesale invitations. Instead of doing a traditional invitation, we decided to do a picture of Anthony and I on the day we were engaged. We also saved money by having guests RSVP by e-mail. Not very formal but it worked well with my budget. The invitations cost about $100 and they turned out great!

Since I started looking for my wedding dress one month before my wedding, I was left with very few options. I tried on a lot of dresses but I could not find one I liked because I still had about 40 pounds to lose and I was nursing. Finally I found a dress I kind of liked. (I almost got a new one a few days before the wedding because I didn’t like my dress). The dress only cost $100 but with alterations it ended up being around $200. My shoes and veil were an additional $180. (maybe less I can't rememer)

 I budgeted in the bridesmaids’ dresses, their shoes and flower girl dresses into our budget. My sister was very pregnant at our wedding, so we had to go with a maternity dress. Thankfully I got it on sale at Nordstrom’s for only $75! Their shoes were on sale for only $25! And they loved them! Thank goodness.

My little sisters dress was a cute dress we got from Dillard’s. Since she was going to wear it for her graduation my parents didn’t include it in my budget. The flower girls dresses I found online. They weren’t very expensive either because I got them on sale. I think they turned out pretty cute.

We also included Anthony’s suit and his wedding band in our budget.
His wedding band was around $100 and his suit was about $100. Well Men’s Warehouse was having a deal where he could get two suits for $200. So I factored that into the budget too. Shhhhh don’t tell my dad!

As you could tell I had to be very frugal at my wedding.
But really, I feel satisfied with the way it turned out.
The only thing I was bummed about was not
losing all my baby weight by the wedding.
Oh well, it is what it is.

My wedding planning tips
Don’t stress over small details.
Something may go wrong and it’s ok.
Let. It. Go.

Delegate whatever you can.
I was stressed about addressing and mailing out my invitations. So my mother in law and I did them together. She helped me so much and it was a great way for me to spend time getting to know her better.

Don’t worry if you budget doesn’t allow for something like a DJ.
I was bummed at first but now that I think about it, we left our wedding at 8pm.
I didn’t have sore feet and I wasn’t over tired after our wedding.
It was nice to be with my husband and not crash on the bed out of exhaustion.

If you can’t afford a nice caterer go with your favorite restaurant.
It’s more personal and usually the food tastes much better!
My sister in law had Joe’s Barbeque for her wedding and my husband still talks about how good the food was at her wedding!!!

Spend more time at premarital counseling than planning your wedding.
Anthony and I had marriage counseling through a local counselor every week before our wedding (even before we were engaged).
It really has helped us and has been well worth the money.

I hope these ideas help you when you’re planning your wedding!
Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner
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