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Keeping up with The Cantelmo's: February 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A much needed date night!

Anthony and I were blessed with two much needed date nights in the same week. I wish we could have a date night at least once per week. Or maybe just a night to myself (or day to myself) once per week….now that we be wonderful. Is that bad to say?

I really wanted to do some sort of nontraditional fun and spontaneous date but somehow we always end up falling into our old routine. 
Dinner and a movie.
Dear the producers of the bachelor - your show is driving me crazy this season but oh how I would love for you to plan a date night for me and my husband. I would love that and watch the show for the rest of my life if you planned one of your dates for me - love, Mel. 
 Our first little night out we ate at Firebirds, which was super good.
I don’t remember what Anthony had but I had some sort of chicken thing. I was surprised I liked it because I am not much of a meat fan but I try to eat more meat when I’m pregnant.
Then before the movie we went to the candy store and got some candy to eat for the movie. Oh how I crave candy when I’m pregnant. 
YUM it was so good.
Then we went with Anthony’s movie choice This Means War.
I wanted to see The Vow but he convinced me to see This Means War and I’m glad we did because it was pretty funny.
By the way, Anthony’s co-worker Rachel watched the kids. The kids were in heaven. She drew pictures with them and framed it! They played games, read stories and just spent time together. The kids keep asking when Rachel is coming back.

On Saturday night my mom and step dad came over to watch the kids. The kids were super excited to spend time with Grandma and Papa! They played with play dough, read stories and played lots of games. I know the kids had a great time and they were sound asleep when we got home so I know the grandparents wore them out!

On Saturday I kept trying to convince Anthony to take me on a picnic. I had it all planned out; we would go to AJ’s pick out some yummy meat, cheese, bread, and fruit. I was kind of hoping to head out to Tempe Town Lake and enjoy the picnic. Well I guess that’s not Anthony’s idea of a nice romantic evening, so we went to Charleston’s because we had a gift card there. Ok, back up a bit we did go look at model homes for fun and that always makes me happy!

During dinner at Charleston’s (which was really yummy as usual) Anthony and I had a debate about which movie we were going to see. This time I was not going to be forced into seeing some guy movie. I really wanted to see a romantic movie since I didn’t get the picnic I wanted. (LOL). So Anthony decided to get some input from his friends about which movie we should see.
Here’s how it went down:
**Please note the comment highlighted in yellow is when I decided to hack into my husband’s Facebook account**
Epic debate between the wife and I right now. She wants to see the Vow and I want to see Act of Valor. Most votes determines what we see.
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Melanie Cantelmo VowSaturday at 6:31pm · Like ·  1              
 Jill Faulkner-Tutor Brown Vow! Haha! :)Saturday at 6:33pm · Like              
 Michelle Komar Owers Vow.Saturday at 6:33pm · Like                       
 Nick Granillo Act of Valor!Saturday at 6:33pm · Like ·  1                    
 Sal Lopez Act for sureSaturday at 6:33pm · Like ·  1                
Julian Lopez Act of Valor!Saturday at 6:33pm · Like ·  1                     
Ryan Orr Mr. C I dunno if you would like my personal choice but you should see Journey 2. It's got Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in this one instead of Brenden Fraiser. Which means it's good.Saturday at 6:35pm · Like ·  2                  
Anthony Cantelmo I think because my wife is wonderful. I'll take her to see the vowSaturday at 6:37pm · Like ·  6                  
Zack West THE VOWSaturday at 6:37pm · Like ·  1                    
Lindsey Gentile The Vow!Saturday at 6:37pm · Like                 
Ryan Orr You're a good husband, AnthonySaturday at 6:37pm · Like                      
Len Munsil Anthony, I know you are a smart man. The Vow.Saturday at 6:38pm · Like ·  1                       
Savanah Berquist Vow!Saturday at 6:40pm · Like                     
Adam Graf ActSaturday at 6:40pm · Like                       
Shane Radford I heard you have to give up your man card at the ticket counter if you see The Vow. Risky move my friend.Saturday at 6:41pm · Like ·  1            
Caleb Dokken Act of valorSaturday at 6:42pm · Like ·  1                    
 Anna Burkholder The vow! Make your wife happy duh Saturday at 6:42pm · Like              
Drew Davey I would see Act of Valor, but I would count your wife's happiness above all. (I know what it's like to try to win this sort of battle with my daughter, Anthony.)Saturday at 6:43pm · Like ·  2                 
John C. Fielder You lost before you started, LOL! Take her to dinner and then you hit the metroplex and each sees the movie you want. Then regroup. Saturday at 6:58pm · Like ·  1                       
Briana Cochrane Vow!!! Waddup sass a frassSaturday at 7:07pm · Like ·  1             
Trevor Graham Chronicle?Saturday at 7:24pm · Like              
Paul Buza Act of ValorSaturday at 7:24pm · Like                      
 Charles Edward Gaytan Jr. Act of valorSaturday at 7:35pm · Like                
Carrie Schwier The vow was GREAT!Saturday at 7:42pm · Like                      
Bonnie Davey Vow!Saturday at 7:50pm · Like                
 Colton Etherton Act of valorSaturday at 7:51pm · Like                       
Cheryl Swearingen Barnhart Act of valorSaturday at 8:11pm · Like             
Cheryl Swearingen Barnhart But good choice, going with the wife's wishes;)Saturday at 8:12pm · Like            
Lindsay Paige Nahs The vowSaturday at 10:22pm · Like                     
Debbie Eilers Sorry I missed the vote. Glad you had fun anyway.Sunday at 8:06am · Like                        
 Paul Buza What was the last movie you went to together before this?Sunday at 11:55am · Like              
Anthony Cantelmo This means warSunday at 2:57pm · Like ·  1                   
Victoria McKee Jaworski Act of Valor!!Sunday at 3:44pm · Like ·  1             
 Bonnie Davey How was the vow!Sunday at 8:24pm · Like                    

Well friends, in keeping with the philosophy a "happy wife is a happy life," I have decided to see the Vow. Thank you all for your votes! :)
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Melanee Benavidez Lawson Jay will have to go now! Now that I can say "but Anthony took his wife!! "Saturday at 7:16pm · Like ·  1                     
Ryan Paul Healy Sucker...Saturday at 7:34pm · Like                
Liz Rea its actually a good one. Eric Gwinner took me and he even liked it.. have fun!Saturday at 7:40pm · Like                      
Liz Rea P.S. act of valor also looked awesome. see it another time :)Saturday at 7:42pm · Like                
Montana Fox I took Aubrey to see the Vow even though Channing Tatum can't act, but it was pretty good.Saturday at 8:29pm · Like                
Paul Buza I'm sorry, but your man-card has been revoked.Saturday at 9:19pm · Like                   
Andrew Mansor I give you your man-card back! Gotta keep the wife happy! And we gotta smoke a cigar soon!Sunday at 9:06am · Like ·  1                 
Anthony Cantelmo True that Drew! Let's do it!

And Paul, I'm pretty sure you’re the one who is always talking about keeping your wife happy for twenty odd years, so I'm simply following in your footsteps!

Did you hear that ladies? “A happy wife, a happy life.”
So true!
By the way: I LOVED The Vow.
I’ll have to blog about that later!
Facebook and hubby, you never fail me!
Thank you for being so wise and choosing The Vow. 

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Before I was a mom

Before I was a mom I was selfish and only focused on my own goals.
Before I was a mom I was judgmental.
Before I was a mom my life revolved around me, my plans and my needs.
Before I was a mom I never understood how my heart could love someone so much.
Before I was a mom I never experienced sleepless nights that didn’t have to do with hanging out late with a boyfriend or up all night with friends.
Before I was a mom I didn’t truly understand how much God loved me.
Before I was a mom I pictured myself as the perfect mom with perfectly well behaved kids.
Before I was a mom I didn’t understand why other people’s kids always seemed sick.
Before I was a mom I didn’t get how sacred date nights were and how amazing babysitters are.
Before I was a mom time moved slowly….now that I’m a mom time won’t stay still.
Before I was a mom I took pictures of me and my friends out having lots of fun, now I take pictures of the random things my kids do.
Before I was a mom I worried about how I looked, what the latest fashion, and what I was doing Friday night, now I worry about my kids non stop all day long.
Before I was a mom poopy diapers, buggers, and spit up were not apart of my daily vocabulary.
Before I was a mom I didn’t appreciate all that my parents did for me.
Before I was a mom I didn’t rely on God as much as I do now.
Before I was a mom life was not as enjoyable and worth living.
Before I was a mom I lacked purpose and drive.
Before I was a mom I didn't fully understand the joy that moms experience when they see their kids experience something for the very first time.
Before I was a mom I didn’t know all the words to every song on The Fresh Beat Band and Veggie Tales.
Before I was a mom Disneyland was just well Disneyland… it seems so magical.
Before I was a mom I had no idea what it was like to have to give each of my children over to the Lord and trust that He will take care of each one of them.

What was your life like before you became a mom?


18 more days

Yesterday I drove over 120 miles for work.
I had 5 meetings.
1 CPS report.
Lots of documentation.

This week is extremely busy.
I'm trying to get everything completed before I leave.

Did I mention I have
18 more work days of work???

I'm going to miss seeing clients.
But I'm not going to miss the stress, long work days,
lots of driving and deadlines (oh I hate deadlines).

Let the countdown begin!!!
I am so excited to be able to focus on my family,
my friends, and this little blog of mine.

So sorry I've been a little not so on track lately.
But just know in 18 work days I will be done working!



Saturday, February 25, 2012


I love picnics.
I think they are so much fun.
I used to beg my parents to have a picnic when I was little. 
I also think picnics can be romantic and fun for a date night.
Here is some picnic inspiration.

How about some recipes?
Pressed Salami Sandwich from Martha Stewart
Emeril's Macaroni Salad 
Lemonade from Simply Recipes
Greek Salad Skewers from Serious Seats 
Portable Veggies and Dip - This idea here. 
Chicken Salad Sandwich recipe from the Food Network
Yummy Potato Salad from Paula Deen. Love her. 
Fruit Salad with poppy seed dressing by the Food Network

Maple Walnut Bars from Pillsbury

And what about some fun picnic supplies?
I love this basket from Crate&Barrel
Look at this cute picnic tote for two from Picnic Fun
I really like this traditional picnic basket from Picnic World

Happy Picnicking!!

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