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Keeping up with The Cantelmo's: April 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

Stuff that I don't need but I just kind of want.....

Isn't this just the most sweetest thing for a brand new baby boy ever???
Love it!
The pattern is only $4 on Etsy. Too bad I would have no clue how to make it!
My sweet Muffin has this fun race car tape to entertain your little one. Too bad it's $22!
I'd rather just use masking tape but still great idea!

Ok, this is a darling little outfit from My Sweet Muffin for only $29!!! 
I actually really want this because my new little man will have a grandpa whose a doctor, a grandma whose a nurse practitioner, and two aunts' that are nurses. I just think this would be darling!
Isn't this the cutest hat from Get Your Craft On? I just love it!
But it's sold out. Bummer.
I love this board book from Romp roughly $8. I think it's a great way to either document your child's art or have an older sibling make for a new baby. What a great keepsake? I have a few blank books that Grace has made but I love love love this board book idea!!!
$160 is way out of my price range for a front pack plus I have a great Baby Bjorn and a Moby Wrap that I use all the time. But I just love Petunia Pickle and I am dying to have an Ergo. 
Ok. Enough said. Don't need it....just want it.

What are you dying to have that you just don't need??


What are your thoughts on moving.....

I'm thinking of moving to Wordpress?
What are your thoughts?
My husband does website design and he was thinking of redesigning my blog but he only does it on Wordpress?
I'm so used to blogger and change is hard for me...
Who uses Wordpress?

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Some days, ok the past two weeks are like this….

Sleepless night because someone keeps having bad dreams.
When that someone has a bad dream she wakes up everyone in the house.
A certain dog pees on a new toy.
A certain sweetie doesn’t want to go to school because she doesn’t like her new teacher.
Every time this momma turns around she finds her little man crawling through the doggie door or climbing onto the kitchen island or climbing to the top of the couch or pulling all the toilet paper off the roll.
A silly little one wants to stay home with daddy but daddy’s not home so she decides to lock mommy and her baby brother out of the house.
Trips to the grocery store turn into a trip to the ER because a little miss thought she could climb into the cart but pulls it down onto her as her little brother flies out.
Change of weather and too much time in the grass causes 
this princess to have an allergic reaction.
And oh the fun when a little one is sitting on your lap and momma feels warm and wet. Diapers don't always work.
Another little princess decides to use all of mommy’s return address labels to decorate mom and dad’s bed.
A little man starts to say momma and then throws up all down this momma’s shirt 
(and everywhere else).
And when this momma decides she deserves a big bowl of Ben and Jerry’s her clumsy preggo self causes her to drop the bowl as it shatters everywhere.

These are the days….I mean weeks where I want a break from being a mom.
But then every single night I kiss my kids goodnight and 
thank God for my sweet little angels.

Then I’m ready to do it all over again.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Dancing with the Star Picks

I love watching Dancing with the Stars and picking a favorite from the beginning. I thought I was going to go for Melissa Gilbert since I absolutely LOVED Little House on the Prairie when I was younger but I ended up loving Katherine Jenkins.
I just think Katherine is so beautiful and sweet. She just has a natural talent. 
Grace's pick this season is William Levy because she thinks he's cute. Actually he turned out to be a decent dancer too! 
I'm impressed!
Last but not least Anthony likes Maria Menounos. 
Can you guess why he likes her? We all like her. I think she is a tough and very positive. 

I'd be really surprised if these three don't end up in the last three!
I can't wait to see who wins!!!

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I love stripes! I don't wear stripes too often because Anthony thinks it makes people look like a sailor!
But I love them, so every once and awhile I wear them.
Right now they aren't too flattering so I am thinking of getting 
some cute chevron stripes maxi dresses I've seen. 
Shirt: Francesca's 
Pants: Macy's
This shirt looks much better when I'm not pregnant and huge!
 Sweater: Nordstroms Rack
Shirt: Garage sale
Belt: Forever 21
Pants: Macy's 
This is just a comfy outfit.
Shirt: Old navy
Shorts: My step mom's
Anthony doesn't like this outfit because he thinks it's not flattering.
But it's so comfy. And I really need to iron those shorts!
I normally wear this shirt with a cute belt but I lost it.
So I need to search for a new one. 
I'm thinking bright pink?
Shirt: H&M
Pants: Motherhood Maternity (still too big)
Love this striped shirt from Hatch 
I really love this outfit on Sydney from The Day Book

What do you think about stripes? Yay or nay?


pleated poppy

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our busy day and a Winner

The winner of the KJane giveaway is announced here

Today is our busiest day of the week. Olivia has swim lessons and Grace has gymnastics. 
Thankfully swim lessons will be ending soon and I'm sure Grace's gymnastics ends around the end of the school year. But then summer comes along and I feel like we will be even busier than the school year with swim lessons daily for both Grace and Olivia and then Grace's gymnastics camp.
I sure am looking forward to a day where nothing is planned.
Until then I love love love seeing the joy on Grace and Olivia's face when they participate in something that they really enjoy. 
Olivia is a real dare devil and has always loved the water. She loves swim lessons and is always willing to try something new. Right away she moved up a level and she was so proud of herself!

Grace just loves gymnastics. She was invited to be in the advance group and they practice two days per week for an hour and a half each time. I was nervous about letting Grace go twice per week because it takes up so much time but she loves it so much that I couldn't resist. Grace is very focused and loves gymnastics. She misses dance and goes back and forth between wanting to be back in dance but it's too much for right now. I think one thing at a time is best. She practices her gymnastics everyday and I can't stop her from doing handstands, cartwheels and back bends throughout the house!
I never can get good pictures at gymnastics because the gym is so big and the kids are always far away but here are a few barely decent photos.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what Luke and the new baby will be into. 
Will they like soccer, gymnastics, basketball, t-ball, or karate? 
Who knows?
The only thing I'm not looking forward to is how busy we are going to be!!


Monday, April 23, 2012


I have these dreams. I guess they are typical dreams for many of us. I dream of having a house with a bedroom for each of the kids, an office and possibly a guest room. I dream of having lots of places for the kids to play and spots for them to study. I dream of having a backyard with a play center, a trampoline, a sand box and maybe even a tire swing. The cherry on top would be a white picket fence.
In the grand scheme of things these dreams don’t matter much. It’s not bad to desire a house that I could use to entertain, a place for my kids to bring friends to and a place for our family to find comfort and peace. Sometimes I need to be brought back from my dreamland to reality. God always does this in different ways.
On Friday Grace had the day off of school. She has been planning to bring toys for kids with cancer to the hospital for a while now but she we’ve never had a chance. So Friday, the kids and I went down to Cardon’s Children’s hospital to deliver the toys Grace bought with her own money. When Grace gave the toys to the nurse and talked with the child life specialist I felt so proud and thankful. Thankful that God gave my little girl a heart to serve others.
Then on Saturday my mom took Grace and Olivia for the day. My mom is a nurse practitioner and needed to see some patients in a group home. My mom bought some gifts for the girls to pass out to the ladies in the group home. My mom told me that the girls were so well behaved; they talked to the ladies and were so polite.
After that my mom took the girls to visit a friend whose dog had puppies. My girls love animals and had a great time playing with them.
Grace and I talked a lot about those past two days. Grace told me she wanted to start a club with her friends where they got together and wrote notes to kids that are sick or without a mom or a dad to cheer them up. Then they would deliver the kids presents. God loves to use my children to remind me what’s important in life.
It’s so easy to dream of having the nicest things, the best clothes and the best house. God wants me to focus on things that matter to Him.
I have always desired for my kids to have a heart that wants to serve the Lord and serve others. Sure it would be nice for my kids to have an “easy” life but they will have a better more fulfilled life if it’s filled with hardships, trials and opportunities for them to take the focus off of themselves and on to others.
I need to start with me. I need to model a heart that serves others so my kids can see how God wants us to live.
My dream is that my children would have a strong desire to serve the Lord with their lives and that they would live out their purpose every single day.
Now that’s the good life.

And Finding Beautify in the Ordinary 


Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Day in Our Life

I’ve seen other bloggers document their day as a way to remember what they were doing at that particular stage of their child’s life. I wish I had done this when Grace was younger but I’ll start now.
 Every morning Grace wakes me up at 6:30am. Luke usually is awake in his crib and Olivia is normally still fast asleep. I bring Luke and Grace downstairs, Grace watches TV while I feed Luke, make breakfast and make Grace’s lunch. I also empty the dishwasher.
Olivia wakes around 7am and then I feed her.
After that we all head upstairs. I change diapers, get the kids dressed, Grace’s brushes her teeth and I do her hair. The kids play while I get ready.
At 7:45am we drive Gracie to school. Her school is a few miles from our house so we use that time to pray and talk about our day. Olivia loves praying and telling us all about the different things God made. She also throws a little tantrum is we’re not listening to The Fresh Beat Band…I usually give in.
Grace gets dropped off at 8:20am. She loves it when she gets to school early because she gets to play before class starts. After we drop Grace off Olivia always says, “I go to skooooool and bring a pack pack.” It’s super cute!
If I don't need anything from the grocery store I take Luke and Olivia to the park. I try to stay for an hour to get their energy out. Today we went to the park and then walked around the lake together. Next to the park is a library so we went in the library for a bit too!

After we get home from the park Luke goes down for his nap. And I feed Olivia lunch, clean up a bit, and sometimes fold laundry. After lunch she has some time to wind down and then she goes down for a nap. Lately I have been so tired that I lay down but if I have energy I usually read my book outside or do laundry.
When Luke gets up I feed him lunch, we do laundry together and he plays in my bathroom while I take a shower. By then it’s almost 2:15pm and time to leave to go get Gracie. Olivia usually needs to be woken up from her nap.
We head to get Grace from school and when we pick Grace up we here all about her day. Then we head home, I make a snack for the kids, Grace unwinds by watching TV and then she does homework. Most days we have some sort of activity like swim lessons or gymnastics.

After our little activity we all eat dinner together. Then Grace takes a shower and the babies get baths. I usually read to the kids unless it’s Monday night because on Monday night we all watch Dancing with the Stars.
Luke goes down first at 7:00pm, Olivia at 7:30pm and Grace at 8:00pm. Anthony and I try to hang out together on the couch but I usually fall asleep!
Lately Olivia has been waking up at night with nightmares about monsters and tigers trying to get her. She used to be my best sleeper. It’s really wearing on us because usually when she wakes she is inconsolable and often wakes up Luke and Grace with her screaming. I am hoping this stage ends soon!!!

2 more days to enter this giveaway!!