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Keeping up with The Cantelmo's: Our Good Friday

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Good Friday

On Good Friday I celebrated Easter with my dad, 
step mom and step sister.
Unfortunately Anthony had to work so he was left out of the fun.

We had a little Easter egg hunt for the kids. 

They had so much fun looking for eggs. 

And eating the candy inside!

We also had a lovely picnic. I love love love picnics! 
We had a blast. 

Luke ADORES my dad. Every single time he sees "Grandrew" 
he gets the biggest smile on his face. He always crawls right to him and puts his hands up for my dad to pick him up.
They have a special bond. 

Then we went on a walk around the park.
The kids fed the ducks. 

We took a little break to ride the swings. 

Wherever we go Olivia is doing a little dance.
It's so darn cute!

Next year we will have one more baby for Easter!
How fun! 

Here are my dolls all ready for Good Friday service. 

I just LOVE them so much!!!

Here's all of us all ready to go! 
Luke was in the cutest shirt that said
"chicks adore me"
He's not only adored by chicks but by his family.
After church I was craving a smoothing and the kids wanted an ice cream cone. Getting out of the car felt like too much work so we went through the Dairy Queen drive thru. These kids two cars ahead of us made a cardboard car!! Not the best picture but they were very clever!!

What did you do for Good Friday?



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