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Keeping up with The Cantelmo's: Our weekend away

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our weekend away

Anthony and I rarely get time where it’s just the two of us. For his birthday I asked my parents and in laws to help with the kids so we could get away. Anthony’s parents took Luke and my parents took the girls. It was just one night away but it meant the world to us.
When Anthony and I fell in love I had my sweet Grace. A lot of our time together was built around Grace. Then immediately we had little Olivia. We bonded over caring for the girls. I fell in love with his love for our family. Time alone was rare and even now once we get the kids to sleep Anthony has to work on finding a job and I usually fall asleep.

We decided to go up to Prescott because a friend of ours let us stay in her cabin. It was such a blessing because money is tight.
 I recently read the book The Vow. The book was very encouraging to me. The part in the book that really encouraged me was when the couple started to see a therapist because their marriage was falling apart. You may know the story of The Vow but if you don’t basically a few months after this couple got married they were in a car accident resulting in Cricket (the wife) losing her memory of marring her husband Kim. Cricket and Kim chose to stay together because of the vows they made to one another when they got married. By the time they sought therapy their marriage was falling apart. The therapist pointed out that Kim had remembered why he had fallen in love with Cricket but Cricket had no memories of Kim. The therapist suggested that they started dating again and rebuilding their relationship.

The day we arrived to Prescott Anthony and I were trying to figure out what we should do for the evening. Anthony had never been to Jerome or Sedona, so I suggested we take a drive up there. Immediately we changed our dinner plans and headed up to Jerome. I shared with Anthony about The Vow and how much the book touched me. I told Anthony that I believed we didn’t have memories built around just the two of us. Our memories always include our kids. It’s not a bad thing because we both adore our children but I believe if we want our marriage to be successful we need time for just us.

 Anthony is an extremely thoughtful man and of course when I told him this, we sat in silence for what seemed like forever. It wasn’t until a few days later that he told me how much it meant to him that we build a relationship and memories that just include us.
We both truly believe that in order for us to be the best parents possible our relationship should come first.

Can you see why this weekend was so special to us? I couldn’t believe that all these years Anthony had never been to Jerome. Jerome is this mining town built on cliffs. It’s a scary drive up there, lots of twists and turns. But it was so much fun driving up together. The buildings in Jerome are so unique.

 After a quick drive through Jerome we drove up to Sedona. Sedona is  a beautiful city in Arizona where all the rocks are red. I love it there. Anthony and I drove around and I took him to one of my favorite places my mom used to take me to when I was younger called Tlaquepaque. We ended up eating his birthday dinner there that Anthony thoroughly enjoyed.

Then we headed back to Prescott to see the movie Mirror Mirror. It was a good movie but I missed half of it because I fell asleep. Ha! Then after the movie we both passed out at the cabin and slept in for the first time in months.
The next day we ate at one of Anthony’s favorite restaurants and headed back home. The trip was short and quick but more than worth it.  

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At April 14, 2012 at 1:08 PM , Blogger Katie said...

so glad you two could get away!! it is so nice to be able to spend time together! and thank God for a husband you love to do that with. : )

At April 16, 2012 at 12:19 PM , Blogger Ashley said...

Yeah for getting some time away! We all need it every once in a while. Well, we probably need it more but we can't always do it. :) I have been dying for a weekend away with my hubby!

At April 16, 2012 at 2:04 PM , Blogger Liesl said...

Looks like a super fun time away! Glad you both had that time together for some adventures! :)


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